Feb. 15th, 2002

valentines day 2002 was considerably better than valentines day 2001. i actually had a really good day. i went to comic book class, took extra-super-awesome notes (i paid attention!), and did well on the little pop quiz he gave. then i took the bus out to the mall, got my car, and went to rhino's to see jim fix, the red hot valentines, and ultimate fakebook.

i went to the show alone (mandy never called. she was "busy"), but justin and russ were there, so i got to hang out with them, which was nice. i haven't hung out with them in a while. rhino's was more packed than i've ever seen it.

jim fix was... kind of... not good. i couldn't get into it, but their set wasn't that long, so it was okay.

i really liked the red hot valentines. i decided that the lead singer has the same eyes/eyebrows/facial expressions as alan cumming. it was cool. the only problem with their set was that there was this huge crazy (retarded?) headbanger guy right next to me. he wasn't even doing it to the music, he'd just start at random, stop, then he'd step from one foot to the other while making a hand motion that could be taken... the wrong way. yeah. then he'd start over. i told russ that i was scared, and he said that justin would protect me. justin kept disappearing though. he must be too cool for us :P

ultimate fakebook played last, and they rocked my socks off. the first words out of my mouth when they went on were "god, that's a HUGE sweaty bald guy!" (the bassist). they were cool.

when the show was over, justin and i ganked the red hot valentines' set lists from the stage. souvenir!

after the show, i went to denny's and hung out for a while. some people thought i worked there. must've been the tie i was wearing. jay and margaret stopped in for a little while, and jay gave me a kiss on the forehead and a hug so that i wouldn't feel bad that i didn't have a valentine :D. neil, the manager, gave me a hug and a kiss too. it did make me feel better, though i wasn't that down about in the first place. after 19 years of not having a valentine, the holiday really holds no significance for me any more.

i went home because i had a horrible migraine and went to bed. it was probably the best valentines day in recent memory.

today was cool too, though the beginning sucked. i woke up at 6:30, moved my car back out to the mall, waited half and hour for the c bus, went to molecular biology, came home, slept, went to chemistry, came home, and slept some more. i don't know why i'm so tired all the time. if i didn't know better, i'd think i had mono again.

justin picked me up and we went all over in stupid slow traffic so that i could buy ghost world. we watched that, and the first episode of invader zim, then he went home. it was fun.

whoa... aaron just called me out of the blue. i guess i won the waiting game. he finished sewing the pants! and he said i can borrow his cowboy bebop dvds! and the skirt is almost done! woohoo!

i think i'm heading to bed now; i've got to get up and go apartment hunting with mandy tomorrow. hope we find some decent places (places that allow cats!)



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