Feb. 19th, 2002

as if this day hasn't been long enough, my brain suddenly decided that it hates me. dammit. stupid migraine, go to hell.

i think that my body in general is not very pleased with me. bronchitis, a cold, all-nighters, and forgetting to eat do not do a body good. oh well.

i had a project due for comic book class today. silly me, thought it'd be easy. ha. i was up all night, and worked on it until the moment i had to leave for class. i almost fell asleep several times during class. it seemed to go on forever. towards the end of class i got the strangest urge to just throw something at the professor. like a pen. or a large rock. maybe that'd liven things up a bit.

saturday was fun, except for the part where i got my fingers slammed in a window. that sucked.

i am so the tribute's number one fan. if there's a way that i can sneak into vertigo tomorrow, i will be there to see you guys play.

oy. the past three weekends have been completely full of drunken debauchery. ...and i've still got half a bottle of peach schnapps over at justin's apartment. heh heh heh.

i went to denny's last night with nick and j.w., and then dara came later to pick up j.w. denny's conversations are so random and fun. when we picked up j.w., aaron had just finished mopping the ceiling. i don't really know how to explain that one. apparently he's finished the pants, he just needs me to try them on and make sure they fit correctly. sweet.

i have decided that "awesome" is my new favorite word. i'm not really sure why, but it might have something to do with the fact that ultimate fakebook's new album is going to be called 'open up and say 'awesome.'' they way he said it was just fun. i've been saying it entirely too much.

i'm so random today. i think that i need to sleep.

doot doot doo...



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