Apr. 27th, 2002


that's the sound of me falling down and becoming a stupid depressed emo girl again.


i was doing so well too...

i had so much fun on friday in valpo, and i don't really know why everything just came crashing down. the drive there was fun, although i'm sure i must have annoyed the hell out of jackie and adrienne with my musical selection (i was in a cutesy synth pop mood). we stopped in lafeyette for food, and while the members of the tribute were creating the official tribute dance in the parking lot of denny's, two of the members of star patrol pulled up! it was awesome! we got to valpo, and the tribute fucking rocked the venue. i have to say that it was their best show yet. we hung around the venue for a while, then adrienne remembered that she had a tent in the trunk of her car, so she and charlie pitched it in front of the venue. we went inside, and felt like the coolest people ever. it was great! we went to denny's (and i'm sure they hated us) and ate, then crashed at danny's. i didn't end up falling asleep until about 9 a.m. (fucking insomnia).

the drive today was awful. it was raining so hard that i could barely see dave's taillights in front of me, and i couldn't even crack the window so that i could smoke. on top of that, i was exhausted and my knees and back were killing me. blech.

i went to rhino's to see the tribute play, but while the next band was playing a huge wave of depression hit me and i had to get out of there. i wish i could just be happy with my life... i have a feeling it'll only get worse when i get back to michigan.

god... i feel so pathetic right now.
kt = big loser.

i think i'm going to try to go to bed now, even though i already know that i won't be able to sleep. i just don't feel like doing anything... i'll just lie in bed and stare at the ceiling for a while.

< sarcasm > wheeeeeeee... < /sarcasm >



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