Mar. 2nd, 2002

i think my stomach has decided that it doesn't like dairy products any more. for some reason, all through high school i was lactose-intolerant, then it just kind of went away. i think it's back now. dammit.

i went to denny's tonight and got a lot of studying done for my chemistry midterm (yes! on a saturday night). justin is a good influence on me. i had about 5 or 6 cappuchinos, so i'm a little jittery. i also had a bagel with cream cheese, which i think is the reason that i'm feeling sick now. they put butter on the bagel. eeeew. i got made fun of again because i can't properly say the word "bagel." apparently, i have a michigan accent. i had no idea. mandy says that i say "bay-gel" and really enunciate my a's (car = caaahr, accent = aaahccent, etc...) what a crappy (i mean "craaahppy") accent to have; i didn't even realize that i talk like that.

once i got home from denny's, i had to go right back. mandy and trent had a fight on their way home, and she got out of the car and walked back to denny's. she's back at trent's now, so i guess they've made up. they have a very hot/cold relationship. if they're not "busy" and all over one another, they're arguing. most of the time, mandy's really happy with him though. she's almost become domestic. she does his laundry, cleans his house, and brings him lunch and dinner at work. i never thought i'd see the day when that would happen. crazy...

my room is about -23,854 degrees right now; i can barely type because my hands are shaking. brrrrrr.... *shiver* crazy indiana weather.

i'm going to go put on a million sweaters and crawl into my warm bed to see if i can actually get some sleep tonight. (kt + caffeine = awake forever)



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